Friday, September 17, 2010


IT IS OUT - OG-2010!
Jib Kidder and Earzumba Split 12-inch with DVR
Now available from our new website!
Release Jib Kidder show Sept. 30 at the Wulf, Los Angeles

Jib Kidder is Sean Yent-Shustercraig’s appropriator identity, a sort of graffiti tag in the virtual non-identity world. Heard on vinyl or as the soundtrack to his youtube collages, “Lossy Angeles” is a whirlwind of wild references and vanishing points; a mixture of audio-visual cues from beyond and within soul fried together, spiced and spliced with maximum frettage. JK, raised in Atlanta and tutored by guitarist Jimmy Young and artist Alex Kvares, recorded his side in Ann Arbor, Grand Rapids, Atlanta, Portland, San Francisco and Los Angeles over a span of three recent months. These tracks are not only funky and awesome; they also ponder the surrender of cultural forces to unexpected collaboration and permutations. The fireworks that result – as they do here - point towards a new kind of art revolution ahead. The microcosmic potential of sampling is limitless.
Similarly, Earzumba mixes “real” instruments with millions of random samples for a kaleidoscopic spiral rainbow of massive colours reflecting the environs of his portastudio: Vienna, Buenos Aires, Germany and Barcelona. Earzumba was a founding member of Reynols and presents the follow up to his Old Gold 2005 release “Simulando En Refugio” with a spicy glissando of “digital gloss” (JK’s words) more like Beaver and Krause than the Beastie Boys, but not without killer breaks. Earzumba draws from a spectacular palette of field (city) and jungle (nocturnal) recordings – employing live musicians Tomas Muller (space guiter), Edu Herrera (distorted wahwah guitar), Rafa Franceschelli (bass) and ‘unknown African drums, free doom metal, Muriel Latow and drunken bandoneon (Earzumba’s words).’ A glorious wash of exotic noise mixed with beautiful jams – Ives, Satie, and Zoviet France.

A word about the new site: a number of limited edition and occasionoally available releases from our massive discography dating back to 1994 may not be listed on Please refer to this blog where we will frequently update the status of these more ephemeral releases, as well as distributed items and audio visual treats.

Thursday, January 21, 2010


Here's some footage of the "making of" Sea is for Cookie and Crictor, part of the Endless Fascination series of releases. Nice.

Sunday, January 17, 2010


A new series of CDR releases from Marshall Avett - each limited to 26 copies, lettered A to z - featuring nothing but the sounds of skipping records.

VOLUME 1: Gospel Pet Fat
Recorded around 1997, this one features a wide range of records that might play for a bit but then start skipping, natural skips, forced skips, warped LPs, you name it. One track, 45 minutes. Orange spray painted case and disc.

VOLUME 3: Sea is for Cookie
Features Bella Avett in the background on keyboard and toddler talk. Heavy on the Sesame Street Live, David Bowie, Paul McCartney, Erik B. & Rakim, TGT, Phil Collins, Lil Jon, etc. One track, 45 minutes. Blue spray painted case and disc.

VOLUME 4: Crictor
Was going to spray paint over this story book seven inch then started listening to it. Sheesh! Weird story, weirder skips. Down right creepy in places. One track, 36 minutes. Red spray painted case (with google eye on snake) and disc.

$5 each. Please specify which volume or volumes you want when ordering.


More volumes on the way, including VOLUME 2: Another Brick in the Head and VOLUME 5: Beach Stones.

Monday, January 11, 2010

Jib Kidder

Coming soon from Old Gold: Jib Kidder / Earzumba Split 12"/DVR

you all know Earzumba, the Argentine/Spaniard on a mission to dissolve all our synapses into a pool of salsa gravy. His second release for Old Gold is sure to push the balloon further into the velvet until the collective unconsciousness explodes in bewilderment. He is joined on side 2 by his west coast North American cohort and Old Gold first timer Sean Schustercraig aka Jibb Kidder. Kidder gets the honors of answering Earzumba's side with his own zaptastic kaeleidescope of free-crunk misinvention, AND the bonus honors of collecting his massively viral online videos for a first ever compilation (the DVR will also include audio tracks from the album). Stay tuned for a release date, and go see Sean this Thursday at Kavarna with Bon Vivant Ben Lawless' King Congregation.
have a Dudley Moore 10! Ben

Tuesday, October 20, 2009


The skinny....

Saturday, October 24
at Eyedrum (Atlanta)




One night only, doors at 6 p.m., music starts 7 p.m.
It ends when all music is destroyed.
Admission is $10. Cheap!

Please forward this to any and all you think might be interested.
And thank you for your support.

The meat...

It's been 25 years since the first DESTROY ALL MUSIC FESTIVAL hit Atlanta like a brick of petrified dinosaur brain to the head. Since then, the weekly Destroy All Music show has aired weekly bringing the most adventurous of sounds and noise to its willing audience. More than a few young minds have been turned on to the dark side of music by DAM hosts over the years: Glenn Thrasher, Ellen McGrail and Tony Gordon. In honor of the 25th anniversary of that first festival and the radio show, Old Gold Records and the Butts County Humane Society are proud to bring some of the greatest, most under-appreciated, down-right righteous musicians and set-the-controls-for-the-heart-of-the-sun-style maniacs to Atlanta to celebrate the spirit of noise and freedom. The two go hand-in-hand like peanut butter and chocolate, so come out and gobble it up before it's all destroyed!!!!!!!!

The cream of the crop of the Michigan-basement-dwelling-sound-attackers. Through his own cassette label, Hermitage Tapes, Coltrane has put together over 100 releases of the most primo noise/freedom/industrial loop screw you can find. He rarely performs live, and this will be his first appearance south of the Mason-Dixon Line. He'll be performing as COLD TURKEY alongside The New Pledgemaster who rocked Atlanta back in March of this year. Here's the only clip related to Andrew on Youtube, him playing saxophone with some other guys:
It doesn't do him justice, but gives you a taste of the vibe to come.

Winner of the coveted Best Band Name of the Decade trophy from Jazz Improv magazine! This duo from Ohio have been peeling the paint off souls for years. Their methodology is simple, but brilliant: amplify the living hell out of reeds and go to work. Seriously. If you are a fan of Borbetomagus (or missed them at the DAM Fest five years ago), Wasteland Jazz Unit have the same spine-shattering attack, but use a different register entirely, one that only bats, porpoises and you can hear. Awesome. First show in the south for these guys.
Here they are in action with a guitarist:

Meehan began showing up to play his music at ABC NO RIO in New York City in the 1980s. Since then, he has stripped the drum to its very essence and found new ways to conjure sound out of a snare. Seriously, how does he do it? I want to see it, too. Anyway, his releases tend to be brilliant in that they are either CDs encased in handmade paper, wooden cassettes, or (so I hear) a candle with ball bearings and BBS in the wax to be burning on a drum (or a pot or pan?)? Come on! How ahead-of-time is that! Each Summer, he and Tamio Shiraishi perform an outdoor concert in and around New York City. Two of these performances were released on Atlanta's Old Gold Records in 2006. The DAM Fest marks Meehan's first appearance in the South.
Watch him closely:

Truly one of the greatest saxophone players you're likely to find on Planet Earth. Not in the post-Coltrane, neo-Zorn, or out-Ayler style, but in a way that honestly takes the instrument outside of what it was meant to do and into a new world of sound. Shiraishi got his start in the Japanese music scene back in the 1970s, when he was part of the first incarnation of Fushitsusha and played in a number of other influential groups circling around the famous label Pinakotheca. Since then, he has performed alongside Alan Licht, No Neck Blues Band and other sonic luminaries. Each Summer, he and Sean Meehan perform an outdoor concert in and around New York City. Two of these performances were released on Atlanta's Old Gold Records in 2006. The DAM Fest marks Shiraishi's first appearance in the South.
See if you can find Shiraishi playing in this clip:

Are you familiar with Graveyards' brand of slooooow doom jazz? If not, get with it, friend. Trauma is the duo of Ben Hall, the drummer from Graveyards, and Chris Riggs, an electric guitarist who sometimes opens coffins with the Grave crew. Hall deconstructs rhythm on the drums, offering bare bones with which to propel the music. He also runs, I think, Riggs chokes and strokes his six strings in ways that bring to mind not a guitar, but a flock of woodpeckers trying to get at the marrow inside a steel power pole. You'd have to put your ear to the tension wires to appreciate what hat sounds like. Anywho, this should be an off-the-charts rocker that the kid will be talking about for weeks!
Czech Riggs out:
OK, now check Hall out:

Is Jon Sharpe from the great state of Tennessee. For the last, oh, 25 years, he's been building his own instruments and microphones. Last time I saw him perform, he had mic'd a ficus tree and was creating an audio tornado inside the old Dotties/Lennys. Even the pool game stopped to check it out. Mr. Natural has toured Europe and Japan and the US of A, and returns to Atlanta to teach the trees a thing or two about magic!
He's the guy closest to you in this:

Mr. Moore is the head honcho behind Blossoming Noise the most wildly successful and well-put together noise label in Atlanta (albeit OTP). In addition to releases works by Merzbow, Francisco Lopez, Dead Machines and Thurston Moore, Graham carves sound out of the air using an array of effects boxes and amplified dulcimer-looking thing. Full speed ahead noise guaranteed to fry your hair.
This not him, but you need a break by now:

Is Stephen Fenton, the man behind Friction on WREK-FM. At the last DAM Fest, he set up an audio/visual installation in a room off to the side and it rocked about as hard as Emil Beaulieu did. I've also seen him make banana fosters while a video of radio antennas at night is played behind him. Bottom line: Lord knows what he'll be up to this time around. Wrap yourself in plastic if you sit in the front row just in case.

EYEDRUM is a not-for-profit art and music space in Atlanta that has been the premiere spot of experimental music for the last 10 years. Find out more about them, how to get there or whatever else you need at:

Saturday, May 30, 2009


Edition for five each...

Teenage punk rock a la Da Black Headz, The Wet Dreams or STRIDEX. Very lo-fi and dumb. C-20

Moody, atmospheric noise not unlike The Ringing in My Ears, Hammer vs. Thumb, or early Cavity Creepz. C-20

No, not another Skaters-related sensory deprivation chamber, but an honest to goodness recording of the sounds of an Italian sports car dreaming. C-60

Not to be sold to minors music that reminds us of pre-Girls of Mechanic Calendars work by Eskimo Skank (whatever happened to them?). C-20

All tapes $5 each.
E-mail to reserve.

Friday, May 29, 2009


Finally got around to searching for those animated shorts HBO used to show in the late 1970s and early 1980s. Loved them at the time. Now?